I'll say right from the beginning, I am a little bias on this one, but I'll still stick to my guns.

The best way to make money online is by selling digital products.




Oh, where do I begin.

First off, when I say digital product, for this post, I am referring to products such as Ebooks.

Though it could be templates, software, graphics, ect, ect, ect.

I personally prefer ebooks because they are easy and there is usually little to no customer support. What could go wrong with an ebook? Sell them in PDF format and you have little to no problems.

Here are some more reason's it's the best way to cash in online:

Unlike physical products, such as a hard cover real-world books, digital ebooks are created on the computer and they are only created once. Not like you need to actually manufacture them. Once and done. You you could sell as many copies as you want with NO extra cost.

Better yet, they don't need to be shipped. No shipping costs and no dealing with shipping problems.

To sweeten the pot, you could use a ecommerence platform and automate the sales process. Customers visit your site, add what they want to the shopping cart, check out and pay, then download what they ordered.

What did you have to do in that entire process?