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Not getting the response you want from your list?

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I bet you wish there was an easier way.

What if you had the power to control the actions of your subscribers?

Would you like to know the secret?

The secret is in your email copy! It’s the words you use in your emails that either gets
people going crazy over your offer or clicks ‘unsubscribe’.

It's not about hypnotizing your readers, but more about motivating and inspiring your readers that gets them to take action.

Learning how to get high conversion rates is not easy. It takes a lot of trial and error to
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It's time and money that you don't have to waste.

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"Email Copy That Sells"

How To Craft Compelling Emails That Get More Clicks, Opens And Sales

When you watch these 10 videos today, you won't find the typical "101 ways" type of eBook that's been rehashed and recycled. This is a course I put together based on many years (since 2006) of email marketing and copywriting experience.

You'll be armed with the tactics and techniques to start crafting high-converting emails.

Inside "Email Copy That Sells", You'll Discover...

I reveal only solid tips, tricks and techniques which you can take away and use in your next mailings.

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Within 10 minutes from now, you implement just a few of the tactics laid out in Email Copy That Sells, send out an email to your list and start getting more clicks, opens and sales!

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You subscribers will click on your links.

An increase an conversions means that you'll make more sales. It's that simple.

How much does it mean to you?

Lets Get To the Videos...

Video 1 - When Is The Best Time To Send Out Your Email?


Video 2 - Should You Use Double Opt-in Or Single Opt-in?


Video 3 - How I Write Copy For Any Product In Just 5 Minutes!


Video 4 - Email Frequency - How Often Should You Email Your List?


Video 5 - Should Your Ask For Your Subscribers First Name When They Opt-In?


Video 6 - How To Track Your Click-Through And Open Rate


Video 7 - Balancing Promotional Emails And Free Content


Video 8 - How To Tell A Story In Your Emails


Video 9 - Should You Use Plain Text Or HTML Emails?


Video 10 - How To Write A Call-To-Action In Your Email