"Highly Controversial Email Marketing Secrets That Allow You To Persuade More People To Buy Your Products And Services"

It's easy to get people to do exactly what you want them to do as long as you follow a few simple rules.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, you want this report.

Let me ask you something...

If you were a gas station attendant and a 6' 200lb man (you have never seen before and who doesn't work with you) walked up to your service window at 2:00 in the morning and asked you to unlock the door so he could get in, would you let him in?

For most people reading this the answer would be no, but a marketing  friend of mine is that 6' 200lb man and he's been escorted inside of five locked gas stations at five different locations at 2:00-3:00AM by people on duty who have never seen him before simply because he understood exactly what to say to immediately appear harmless and trustworthy.

In fact, at one gas station the attendant threatened to call the cops on a guy standing right behind him because he wanted to get inside too. He had to leave under threat of arrest while the attendant locked the door behind my friend after letting him in and the reason why is simple. The other guy didn't know the right way to ask for what he wanted.

How About This?

If you worked at an office building that requires all employees (no exceptions) to have a picture identification card with a security code that has to be swiped before the doors will open and you were warned that you could get fired for letting anyone (even other employees who have forgotten their id badges inside), would you let anyone in?

Probably not but that didn't stop my friend from getting people (employees who were told they'd be fired for letting people in) to repeatedly let him into that type of building without a picture id card (because he obviously didn't work there and even told people he didn't) while wearing blue jeans, a regular shirt and tennis shoes.

For the life of me I don't know how anyone could rationalize letting someone they don't know, who doesn't look like they work there and who also doesn't have an id badge into their office building after being told they could be fired for doing so, but that's exactly what happened. In my friend's defense, at the time he didn't now that people could get fired for letting him in so when he found out he stopped trying.

I'm not saying that you should use this information to get people to do things they could get in trouble for doing. I take no responsibility for your misuse of the information in this report because ultimately what you choose to do is completely up to you.

Something Interesting I've Found...

 When you give people a few simple things they want up front, many of them find it hard not to give you what you want even if it goes against their own best judgment. I know it seems hard to believe but people will often do what you ask even if they don't think they should. I've put that to the test many times and the results are shocking.

Instead of giving you too many specific do this and then do that techniques, I'm giving you the mindset behind the techniques so you'll completely understand how to apply these methods to your business as soon as you finish reading the report.

In This Report You'll Discover...

A lot of what I talk about in this report are the concepts behind why certain things work. If I gave you nothing but specifics with no real understanding of why they work, you'd have a hard time duplicating them in your own business.

Concepts are the ideas that go into creating specific techniques. When you understand the concept behind a specific technique or strategy, you can basically create an endless variety of specific techniques and strategies on your own.

You're getting 69-pages of solid information you can start using to immediately impact your business and shield yourself from competition. You've probably never taken the time to notice before but many of the people you look to for advice on what products to buy already use this information to influence you.

Here's the Report....

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