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• How to write build your list faster than you have ever dreamed possible (I personally add as many as 150 new subscribers per day).

• 3 simple ways to use list building to generate massive publicity and traffic to your web site.

• The little-known way to create high-opt in rate squeeze pages, so that you are able to convert a high percentage of your visitors into high-paying subscribers - saving you hours of time and hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.

• 5 proven steps to writing a highly persuasive, informative squeeze page that makes readers literally demand to be added to your list and get more information (or buy something) from you.

• 2 simple keys to use list building to generate traffic, both short term and long term (and why missing this critical distinction can literally kill your list building campaign).

• AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to multiply your subscribers by opting them into multiple lists...where in each list, they continue to make highly targeted purchases...because they are getting precisely the information they need to make purchasing decisions.

• 4 proven strategies for driving high-conversion rate traffic to your are probably only using one of these strategies...I am using all me, you need to be using all 4 of these strategies to maximize your list building traffic.

• 7 tips and tricks for supercharging your list building...including using other people's traffic and other people's list to build your list for you.

• A dirt-cheap way to find out exactly what your subscribers want to buy without spending an arm and a leg.

• A free and easy way to get additional subscribers from left-over traffic, so that you are not wasting hours or hundreds of dollars with your non-squeeze page traffic.

• Have you been looking for this for ages? Discover how to find get your emails opened with fervor - and how to get them to send you money fast.

• How to write seven different unique styles of emails, so that you can maximize the income you can earn from your online list - keeping more of the income for yourself, and giving less to the competitors.

• REVEALED! The hidden truth behind monetizing your backend....without this, you will probably never do better than breakeven on your list acquisition costs... I list each of them in 'List Building MP3 Series'.

• Your secret weapon for testing and tracking that can instantly improve your revenue and profits by over 5 times.

• My private list of 15 traffic sources to use to generate online subscribers - and how to convert them for maximum income and profits.

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